Mass Pages

Create thousands of landing pages or websites in minutes


SEO Perfect

We struggled very hard to make SEO perfect mass pages, 100% human written pages.


Geographically Targeted Pages

Your full websites is converted into city oriented websites.


Business Schema

Add business schema and google shows rating in Search Engine.


City Wise Phone Number

Every city has its own phone number. Changing phone number is as easy as 123.


High Speed Pages

You get a website with a fast loading speed that google loves.



You can export your website to HTML.



The website made by SEO Mass Page Creator works on all of the screens.



If you want to change the address on thousands of pages, change it on one place and it will be replaced on all pages.



Manage full website with a single XLS file.



You can duplicate a pages with just one click and change update it.



You can enable and disable a page right from the administrator panel.



Rearrange the sections of a page with a powerful drag and drop option.

It provides you a fully functional admin panel from where you can design your website in your own way because it has the options to change Text, to add images, To Enable and Disable a section, support Gallery, Testimonials, Blog, and Coupons. The interesting feature is that it allows you to change the Text color, font size, font family, section background color and image, support slider with multiple animations and have the option to change the banner on every page.


Seo Page Creator Pages


CMS allows you to add thousands of pages to your website with Sidebar feature where you can add your Social Icons, Google Map, Contact Form, Videos and Images. You can add your Meta description text and keywords and it will add that to your site. By adding a name of the page it will auto-generate URL, Canonical URL, and Page Title. In Pages, if you don’t want to write description then don’t worry we add an Article API Button just click on that enter you Title and it will auto-generate an article for you and you can make many variations of that Article using Spin Rewriter API. CMS allows you to enable/disable your page, to make it a parent page or submenu, to add an external link to your page and to hide it in the menu or not.

Global Variables

You have a phone number that you want to show in multiple places on your website then forget copy/pasting. Add a Global Variable save your text in the variable and use that variable in your website.

Seo Page Creator Global Variables

Seo Page Creator Sidebar


Are you worried about where to show the basic information or some videos or some form? Don’t worry the system provides you a sidebar where you can add social media links, Google maps, contact forms, some embedded videos and some listings or whatever content you want to show. Just create a sidebar and show it on the page.


CMS allows thousands of frontend layouts with same admin panel just active the theme, which you want and it will change the layout of your website without changing your content.

Seo Page Creator Themes

Seo Page Creator Image Optimization

Image Optimization

A website is not good without having Good Page Speed. If your side is poor and you have heavy images then CMS is perfect for you just hit Image Optimization Button and it will minify all your Images.

Bulk Export

You can generate Html of your running PHP website and can move that to any server it will be same as your T2H site but in HTML format using

  • By using Feed File
Seo Page Creator Bulk Export

Seo Page Creator Blog


Allows you to create blog on your website

Blitz Features

We made it easy for you to show your website under multiple cities in different states using the same format with different content. Without copying the page again and again just provide a list of cities where you want to list your website and the system will auto-generate the pages for that city.

Add Thousands of Cities

  • We allow you to add thousands of cities with the different page title, keywords, page content and many more just inside a single file.
Seo Page Creator Blitz Features

Seo Page Creator Customize

Customize The URL’s According to Your Requirement

Are you worried about how the pages URL’s will look like? Don’t worry we will customize the URL’s according to your requirement. On a single click just select the URL structures

  • With .html extensions

Auto Get the City Name And Will Generate the Map

The system allows you to show map against every city. It will auto get the city name and will generate the map.

Seo Page Creator Auto City Name