SEO Checklist

SEO is the most important task for your website to boost is Google and other search engine ranking. But there are many SEO experts, site owners, and markets who are good at SEO but don't have a complete SEO checklist. 

Here is a complete and comprehensive SEO checklist which will help you verify every single SEO checks. This checklist is being updated off an on so this is better to keep looking at this SEO checklist intermittently.

There is also a download SEO checklist link at the bottom of this page.

Onsite Content

  •  Title Of the page
  •  Meta Keyword
  •  Meta Description
  •  Website Structure and URLs
  •  Canonical URLs Correction
  •  Broken Links and 404 URLs:
  •  Favicon
  •  Website Schema and Rich Snippet (This is important when you would like to display star rating on your page when someone searches your website in Google). 

Website Content Quality :

  • H1 H2 and H3 Headings
  • Make sure the page has the right keyword
  • Keywords Targeting for Different Pages.
  • Keyword cannibalization
  • Keyword Density in Content
  • Link to Social Media Brand Pages.
  • Mobile friendly structure
  • Avoid too many HTTP requests.
  • Avoid Broken links & Validation errors
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • The Copyright year should be the year when the website is launched
  • Ensure proper navigation
  • Avoid communication errors-Newsletter subscription, Contact information, etc.
  • Check if all the links are functional
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Customize 404 Error Page
  • Don’t miss out to highlight all the links and buttons

Website Speed:

  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Check the speed of your website Google page speed insight is the most powerful and perfect tool that shows your website speed is ok. 


  • Make sure images are optimized.
  • Make sure images have alt tags.
  • Make Sure the name of the image is related to the page/service.
  • Make sure every page has a different image.
  • Canonicalize your IP address. 
  • You need more than 0 and less than 100 outbound links.
  • Need more than 10 backlinks ().
  • All images are relevant


  • Add a mobile sitemap.
  • XML sitemap.
  • HTML sitemap (Optional)

HTML Validation:

Social Media:

  • Add a Google+ button to your site. (Linked)
  • Add a Facebook like the button to your site. (Linked)

Email, Contact Form, Query Form:

  • Make sure you have correct form validation.
  • Make sure you have required fields.
  • If you have required fields 
  • Proper message after filling out the form
  • Make sure you receive an email
  • Make sure the client receives a confirmation email. 
  • Don’t forget to change your Email ID from the Site
  • A  lot of things can happen over just one mail. It can range from just providing valuable information to huge business transactions. So, make sure that mail sending never fails. And also don’t forget to validate  E-mail ID.
  • Provide standard validation messages
  • Provide style and color combinations for confirmation emails similar to the site
  • Include Company Logo
  • Provide Company name in the address Page
  • Check whether the site uses to send mail scripts.
  • Examine the Perfect Email Template should be used. Check whether the site uses SMTP set up through clients email.
  • Check whether the email data gets saved
  • Finally, send a test email to the client – ask them to respond for verification

Secure URL:

  • Make sure the website goes to HTTPS://

Checklist For Website Design In General: 

  • Wise usage of space
  • Leave enough white space for your content to breathe
  • Poor readability
  • Avoid contrasting colors  & inappropriate font size
  • The format of the Doctype being used by the site
  • The character set used by your site
  • Check website is responsive in all devices
  • Is your site implementing a valid HTML and or XHTML?
  • Are you implementing a valid CSS for your site?
  • Are there any CSS hacks involved in your site?
  • Are you implementing any classes or ids that are unimportant for your site?
  • What kind of code structure are you implementing for your site? Cross check with the testing team for its validity!
  • Examine for broken links! Do not ignore this, you might be unaware but there can be many!
  • The speed of the site in terms of each page?
  • Are there any Javascript errors on your site?
  • Make sure the images & Icons are relevant

Off-Site Important Checklist:

Download SEO Checklist